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A cloud-based toolbox for digital document management

I'm an auto dealer

Delight your customers with a clutter-free, paperless office

I make consumer loans

Paperlessly process loan documents and automatically ensure compliance


Flexible and secure digital document workflow

Cloud-based. No software installation
  • For small & large enterprises
  • Automatically track missing documents
  • Flexible document workflow
  • Document security and compliance
  • Subscription, dedicated cloud, or on-premises
  • Trusted by leading enterprises


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    How It Works

    Mix and match our tools for your needs:
    Unified Document Inbox

    Convert existing paperwork and upload digitized files. We automatically import emailed documents, scans, and uploads into a unified digital document inbox, no matter were the documents come from.

    Digital Folders

    As in the physical world, our digital folders collect documents about a case, a loan application, an insurance claim, or a client. Unlike in the physical world, you no longer need filing cabinets.

    Track What's Missing

    Our digital folders track not only what documents you've put into them, but also what's missing from each folder.

    1-Click Notify

    You no longer need to email your clients to request missing documents. Our digital folders let you notify your clients with a single click, and ' + allow them to securely upload what's needed from their mobile devices.

    Review and Approval

    As clients provide you with required documents, review and decide if those documents are acceptable. If a document is not acceptable, Autospaces requests the correct documents from your clients.

    Document Workflow

    Track the business process status of your loan applications, legal cases, tax filings, or insurance cases. Use our powerful checks to ensure that a case only moves forward once all document requirements are satisfied, allowing you to automatically comply with documentation rules.

    Document Notes

    Add notes to a whole folder or to individual documents. You can share notes with clients, or keep notes private and internal to your company.

    Secure Access

    Configure who can access what kinds of documents based on flexible user roles. All document access is tracked.

    Document Rules

    Set document retention and access policies based on the type of a document. Never again worry about complying with document retention policies. Let our system handle that for you.

    Export and Share

    Your documents are never locked into Autospaces: Export your documents at any time, or share documents with your business partners.

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