Conversations, Not Just Reports

As a financial company manager, you have to deal with lots of fast-changing bits of information. Instead of passively viewing reports of such data items as loans in approval, customer verification status, or collection status documents, we offer you the possibility to have a conversation about your quick-changing data items.

Wiki + Data

Our collaborative data sharing solution allows you to publish your fast-changing bits of information to a Wiki. With that, you can:

Add notes to each data item, and allow anyone you choose to add notes as well—that way, you can have an ongoing conversation about some important piece of operational data, and can easily resolve bottlenecks in much shorter time.
Add documents to each data item. You can attach scanned images, faxes, or any other types of documents to a data item, and view those documents in any report on our data wiki. The documents can also automatically be associated with any data item with our Document Management solutions.
Add tasks and to-do items to each piece of data. You can even add a list of tasks that must be performed in order.
Assign a data item to another person at your company or a business partner that has access to your Data Wiki. Such assigned items show in the person's My Tasks list when that user logs into the system.

Advanced Queries

In addition to just being a Wiki, we also allow you to perform advanced queries, and create, for example, OLAP-style data cubes from your data.